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About Us

From the owner, Trevor McQueen:


The idea to operate a movie and TV show tour came in the middle of giving a haunted tour. We stopped at a location, and a guest recognized it in a movie. Her face lit up like fireworks! After that, I began mentioning the location to other groups and found that the discovery was making people truly happy.

This is a movie and TV show tour built by a fan, for fans. I love chase scenes. I love seeing the locations. I especially get a kick out of covens of vampires and witches. 

But as much as we all adore what we see on the screen, the film industry takes liberties that make it difficult to separate fact from fiction. That's what we are here for!  Blood Moon Tours sets the record straight when it comes to discovering the truth behind the movie magic.

We are not affiliated with any of the film productions behind the movies and TV shows.

All filming locations are in public walkways.

Gallery of Filming Locations

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