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5 Reasons Why You Should Still Visit New Orleans

A frightening crime wave has come across the Crescent City. That's a fact. But you can still have a good, safe time. Here are five simple reasons why you should not let bad news deter your stay.

1. "There is no place on Earth even remotely like New Orleans. Don't even try to compare it to anywhere else."

-Anthony Bourdain, Travel Channel host and cook

A visit to New Orleans can be the trip of a lifetime. Our melting pot of a city features influences from the cultures of France, Spain, West Africa, Italy, Ireland, French Canada, and so many, many more places around the world. This city is truly one of a kind, from the architecture, to the people, to the food.

2. "New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin."

-Mark Twain, author

The cuisine can't be beat! Locals scoff or laugh at distant cities that try - and fail - to mimic our food. We have Creole dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, and etouffee that cannot be matched. Even the Cajuns left a unique mark with their boudin and crawfish boils.

3. "Music is part of the big three. New Orleans is food, architecture, and music. Everyone in New Orleans is a musician or has a relative who's a musician, whether they are professional or amateur."

-Jack Stewart, historian and preservationist

A walk through the French Quarter will reveal a busker on almost every street corner, and most are worth stopping and listening to. Preservation Hall and Frenchman Street both offer authentic jazz. Make no mistake, jazz was born in New Orleans. Listen to it here to experience the origins of the genre.

4. "New Orleans is a place that actually resembles no other city on the face of the Earth, yet it recalls vague memories of a hundred cities."

-Lafcadio Hearn, journalist and writer

I have personally spoken to people from Puerto Rico and Mexico who pointed out buildings in the French Quarter that reminded them of home. The Pontalba Buildings that line Jackson Square are Parisian-styled, that is, inspired by architecture from Paris, France. The Pagoda House found on Napoleon Avenue is the one and only example of Oriental-Creole architecture on the planet. New Orleans is the dream destination for architecture buffs worldwide.

5. "But if there were monsters and magic anywhere in this country, they would be here in New Orleans. New Orleans was an ancient doppelganger city that grew in some other America that never really existed."

-Jade Chang, journalist and writer

Even fans of the occult will find New Orleans desirable. This two-faced city fades into an entirely different place at night. A haunted house awakens on every corner. Vampires sneak out of the Old Ursuline Convent to hunt the unsuspecting. But let's not mix Voodoo into this category as so often done in our Hollywood movies and shows. Voodoo is a benign, misunderstood religion and one of the subjects we cover in more detail on our tours when we separate the facts from the fiction.

And there you have it! Once you come on down to New Orleans, take our Movie and TV Show Tour for a more in-depth look at the City That Care Forgot. We will show you where you can experience everything listed above and more.

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